About Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was awarded the title "Best Destination of Europe 2019" by the Brussels-based European tourism organization EBD. The highlights include gastronomy, world heritage sights, beautiful baths and affordability. Images of Budapest

About the University

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), founded by the name of Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum in 1792, has always been the leading Hungarian University in the field of Engineering and Technology. With more than 12 thousand applicants each year, over 10% of all people looking for higher education in Hungary apply for BUTE. There are 22 thousand bachelor and master students along with more than 500 Ph.D. students. Strong cooperation with industry creates a vibrant environment for research and development.

BUTE has membership in many international research organizations, for instance in the Network of European Neuroscience Schools and the European Society for Engineering Education. With its well established networks and English language courses, BUTE receives more than a thousand international students, and many visiting researchers from all around the world. BUTE has both historical and modern buildings near the Danube. BME main building

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK) of BUTE has more than 3000 students enrolled in 1 Ph.D, 5 undergraduate and 9 graduate programs many of those ranked in the top three in Hungary. BME Building Q


The workshop will be held in the building of the faculty, 'Q' depicted above.

2 Magyar Tudósok körútja, Building Q, Wing A H-1117 Budapest, Hungary